Links Page Overview:

This is the Links page. It displays links to other web sites and email addresses.

Viewing and Navigating the Links page

Click the Email link in the list to send an email, or the web site link to jump to that web site. If your association accepts banner advertising, you will see graphical banners at the bottom of each page. You can click directly on those banners to be directed to the web site of the advertiser or service provider.

Editing the Links page

You can click 'Add A Listing' to send a REQUEST for a new link listing to the site administrator. The association will review your request and add your link if they feel it is appropriate. Use the 'Email Association' link at the lower left of each page to request feedback on the status of your submission.

Administration of the Links page

As an Administrator, you can add a link or Banner to the web site directly by clicking the 'Add a Listing' button and filling in the requested information. Banner ads include a graphic banner in GIF, PNG or JPG format and will appear on each page of your web site. All other links will simply appear on the Links page.

Further Help

In addition to context-sensitive help on each page, you can click the Email link on the lower left corner of each page to email the Association about Association issues.

You can also contact CondoConduit Web Support for help on web site issues or login problems by clicking the 'Web Site Support' link on the lower right corner of each page.